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Prescription Information

  • Frame Size Chart
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    Relax, It's On Your Old Frames

    It's On Your Old Frames

    This is the most common location of your frame size.
    You may also check along the bridge or on the earpiece.

    Frame Size Cart

    Size Frame Width Arm Length
    Extra Small 108-127 mm 100-129 mm
    Small 128-144 mm 130-135 mm
    Medium 130-152 mm 136-140 mm
    Large 145-160 mm 141-150 mm

    No Frames? Here's How It's Measured

    Frame measurement guild

    There are normally just 3 measurements, but up to 5 can be used for frames.

    Pro Tip Try on a pair you like and look at the size for reference, then stay close to those measurements.

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  • How do I Measure My PD (Pupillary Distance)?
    1. Print out the PD ruler at 100% without scaling.
      Print PD Ruler

    2. PD Ruler

      Fold the PD ruler in half along the indicated line.

    3. Measure yourself in front of the mirror or have a friend help you.

    4. Place the PD ruler over the bridge of your nose with the 0 above the center of your left pupil.

    5. Look straight ahead and mark the stop on the PD ruler that lines up with the center of your right pupil.

    6. Rx Screenshot

      Enter your PD measurement into your prescription
      when you select your glasses.

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