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Prescription Information

  • Size Chart

    Smart shoppers like you can save 10-40% off retail prices by buying eyewear online. The information on this page will assist you to select the right size frames and ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

    All measurements are in millimeters and can be found on the inside of the temple.

    Frame View Front Side

    Most of the frames that we carry consist of a 3-number size combination.

    Example 1:

    52 - 18 - 145(Small)

    Frame View Angled
    • bullet EYESIZE (52) - the width across the lens
    • bullet BRIDGE (18) - the distance between lenses
    • bullet TEMPLE (145) - the length of the frame's arms including
      the portion which secures the frame behind the ears

    On some frames, you may find sizes that contain 4 sets of numbers.

    Example 2:

    52 - 18 - 37 - 145 (Small)

    This additional measurement generally refers to:

    • bullet HEIGHT (37) - the distance from the top to the bottom of the lens

    To help you further in finding a frame that fits, we have categorized the sizes into the following widths:

    Small < 120 - 129 mm
    Medium 130 - 139 mm
    Large > 140 mm

    Using Example 1:

    52 - 18 - 145 (Small)

    • bullet WIDTH - the distance between the far left to the far right of the frame

    *Note: Some brands carry a wide selection of frame sizes which might result in multiple 'Small', 'Medium', and 'Large'.

    Have Questions?

    We have professionally trained optical experts that are friendly and available to assist you with any questions about selecting the right sized frames. Don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-501-4002. We are here to help you get the right fit, look great and save money!

  • How do I Measure My PD (Pupillary Distance)?
    1. Print out the PD ruler at 100% without scaling.
      Print PD Ruler

    2. PD Ruler

      Fold the PD ruler in half along the indicated line.

    3. Measure yourself in front of the mirror or have a friend help you.

    4. Place the PD ruler over the bridge of your nose with the 0 above the center of your left pupil.

    5. Look straight ahead and mark the stop on the PD ruler that lines up with the center of your right pupil.

    6. Rx Screenshot

      Enter your PD measurement into your prescription
      when you select your glasses.

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